Pocket watches aren’t dead, man. While you may think of pocketable timepieces as a relic from the 19th century, the team behind Wanderlust Watches is determined to bring them back from near-extinction and make them a fashionable item once again.


Unapologetically modern and minimalist in both design and construction, the Modern Pocket Watch is both slim and lightweight — two things which old school pocket watches were not. How slim and lightweight are we talking about? Try just 9mm thick and 60g on for size! According to Wanderlust Watches, the Modern Pocket watch could easily fit in a skinny jean pocket (they know their audience so well!) without ever drawing attention to an unsightly bulge.

The Modern Pocket Watch comes in several distinct colors and with interchangeable straps. This approach will allow you to match your timepiece with any outfit as well as change part of the “look” of your pocket watch itself depending on what your mood is. You can pre-order your own on Kickstarter for $170.

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Wanderlust Watches Wants To Bring Back The Pocket Watch
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