If you’ve been dying to get Google Glass but have been unable to justify the hefty $1500 price tag then Vuzix hopes you’ll be won over by its new M100 smart glasses. At first glance, the M100 looks like Glass’ clunkier cousin, and in use the M100 functions exactly like Google Glass does as well. It can be used to record video, take pictures, give you directions, manage your calendar, receive notifications and more.


What sets it apart from Google Glass though, is the fact that you’re actually able to install thousands of existing Android apps right out of the box. Imagine playing your favorite racing game with eye tracking technology! In terms of battery life, Vuzix has been hesitant to provide specifics but we’d estimate that it’ll probably last at least as much as Google Glass does and you’re likely to have to charge the device every night if you’re a heavy user. The M100 is now on sale for $500 less than what the Explorer version of Glass costs so head on over and take a look if you’re ready to make the plunge.

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Vuzix M100 Google Glass Competitor Offers More Functionality At A Lower Price
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