Some years ago, Google excited us with the Glass promising the future of augmented reality right before our eyes literally. But it wasn’t long until Google killed our hopes and dreams about AR glasses.

Luckily, another company picked up on this idea and started developing Blade AR Smartglasses. The ongoing CES 2018 is the first witness to its awesome progress.

Let’s start with the physical aspects. Blade AR Smartglasses look somewhere between 3D glasses and regular shades. Meaning to say, at first look, people won’t think they are Smartglasses at all. In fact, it may be mistaken for ones you wear when biking except that the frames are a bit thick. Simply put, they look sorta normal (emphasis intended) kinda like the ODG glasses.

What hints you that these are actually a special pair of glasses is the light on the lens that turns on when you activate the AR feature.

In other words, you may walk out in the park like a normal human being once you turn on AR, you’re suddenly Neo.

Let’s now talk about the AR feature. Blade AR Smartglasses is equipped with a very tiny projector that flashes the images on one of the lenses.

What are these images?

They vary from the photos in your gallery to maps and even your email messages. According to Nick Mokey, the display seems like “the usual there-and-not ‘ghost’ effect of something seen only in one eye, until you look squarely at the image and freeze it into focus.”

How is this possible?

The images or lights that the tiny projector projects are captured by the tiny dots on the lens which are laser etched at carefully planned depths. Thus even if the image is projected sideways, the one you can see is placed directly in your field of view. It may sound a bit risky if you’re too distracted by these images and you forget to look at where you’re headed.

You control what you see using swipe and taps on the TouchPad integrated into the right arm.

Other hardware included in these glasses are an 8MP camera, USB connection, MicroSD slot, and noise-canceling mic.

Current pricing for the developer kit is $1000. Availability for the public is yet undetermined.

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