Whether you’re riding your bike or just walking outdoors, visibility is important. Unless you want to be hit by a car or something. That being said, no one wants to carry around or wear bulky and frankly unfashionable reflective rests — which is exactly why you should be hopping on the Life Paint solution. Haven’t heard of Life Paint? You’ll soon be hearing all about it. That’s because Life Paint is the most convenient way to become reflective, fast.


Life Paint is, as it’s name implies, a “paint-like solution” which can be applied to whatever you’re wearing in order to make it insta-reflective. What’s more, this state of the art water-based reflective spray is totally invisible by daylight (allowing you to wear it to work) yet is able to glow brightly when it’s hit with a car’s high beams.

While you could technically apply Life Paint to any article of clothing, the manufacturers recommend it be used on textile materials such as shoes, jackets, or hats. Once applied, Life Paint will last for about a week before washing off — leaving the piece of clothing you sprayed it on as good as new.

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Volvo's LifePaint Could Save Your Life
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