Want to know what the future of transportation holds? Look no further than the Volocopter 2X. Greener and quieter than a traditional helicopter, this flying contraption features over 18 rotors for added stability and redundancy. There’s only a single joystick, which means that not only can children easily learn to pilot the Volocopter (although we don’t recommend letting minors near the controls!) but the aforementioned redundancy means that several can fail before putting you in any sort of danger. Furthermore, should all 18 fail, you’ll be able to enjoy a quick getaway in a full aircraft parachute. Those aforementioned rotors are electric, by the way, so you can actually charge your Volocopter from any ol’ wall socket at home.

The combination of extra rotors and parachutes means that the Volocopter 2X is safer than traveling on land. The Volocopter 2X is currently under development and expected to receive approval as an ultralight multi-copter next year. Find out more below.

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Volocopter 2X Might Just Be How You Get Around In 2018
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