In the past, virtual reality consoles have left something to be desired to say the least. Awful game selection that wasn’t even first person, let alone virtual reality coupled with bad graphics that made early Atari look like H. R. Geiger designed them. Those were our options.  Top that off with dorky headgear that was horribly cumbersome and all of the fledgling attempts at virtual reality just fell on their faces.

No one tells it better than the Nerd.

Back in August, we gave you a look at the Oculus Rift. Now, sure, it doesn’t look a whole lot better than our aforementioned virtual reality birth control, but oh, it is. Rift provides serious immersion and there’s not a whole lot of anything bad you can say about it.

However, when you pair Omni with Rift, this is when you start to wonder if maybe some of those 80s Schwarzenegger movies might not be a bit prophetic. It’s good enough that it does make you think that Total Recall, sans messy divorce, is the only logical next step.

Take a peek:

Still not convinced?

It offers a fully integrated virtual reality that not only takes up less space than that treadmill you’ve buried under your clothes, but also offers an awesome tracking hardware. It’s remarkably easy to set up right out of the box, and works with any apps or games that use keyboard input. The only downside that I can see is that currently, it doesn’t work with consoles like the Playstation or Microsoft. The software does support Kinect for Windows, and it does work with any game that uses keyboard input. There’s a great collection of game demos for it on the official Youtube channel apart from what I’ve already posted.

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