The GPO Retro Memphis Turntable is the perfect companion for every old-school music enthusiast. It enables you to play and record all your CDs or Vinyl on an SD card or USB stick. The turntable is an eccentric vintage-inspired vinyl player solution for those who love playing music in a wide variety of formats.

Designed by GPO to bring back the 1940s and 1950s heyday of the vinyl industry, the GPO Retro Memphis Turntable is a 4-in-1 vinyl record that permits you to indulge today's vinyl revival in retro style. Apart from being a vinyl turntable, it also offers modern features such as CD player, FM radio, and MP3 player. Since it can serve as an MP3 player, you can play the same songs you listen to in your car or from your phone. It's an all-in-one vinyl package!

This Memphis Turntable is absolutely a must-have for all retro music fans. The vintage-inspired music system features a complete 33, 45, and 78 RPM belt-drive turntable that is perfect for playing those old-school vinyl records found in the attic. It allows you to play them with the perfect quality and clarity of the modern innovation.

The GPO Retro Memphis Turntable also includes a 3.5 mm jack plug, bass boost function, built-in speakers and amplifier, spare stylus needle, and a full remote control. The jack plug makes it possible for your music system to connect with smartphones and MP3 players. Connection lead is also included. Likewise, the speakers are twin stereo speakers with a total wattage output of 3 watts.

It is available in 4 colors: silver, red, cream, and black. Additionally, the Memphis Turntable guarantees you with a 1 year warranty. It also has an auto-stop function and includes an FM radio with digital LCD display.

The GPO Retro Memphis Turntable is a very impressive record system that can play all kinds of records and has a classic style that makes it stand out from the rest.

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Feel Nostalgic with this Vintage-Inspired Memphis Turntable
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