Light and air are two of our needs as humans, and this Serbian invention intends to give us both through the Valsfer Grasslamp. As the name suggests, it is a lamp with grass in it. How that is possible will be explained in the next section. But first, please remember that this is the year 2017. Almost everything is possible.

Moving on, Valsfer Grasslamp is primarily for illuminating small sections in your room such as your study table or your office desk. Its secondary purpose is to provide you with fresh oxygen from the grass that grows right in the lamp.

The grass doesn’t require you to import soil from the Alps mountain more fertilizer from the vineyards of California. You simply have to spray some water every day, and the wheatgrass will vegetate in 15 days.

We don’t have information yet regarding the lifespan of the grass growing in it, but we do now that you cannot plant that weed you are thinking of.

Watch its inception here:

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