Are you the type of person who gets uncomfortable at a public restroom? The unfortunate truth is that when you gotta go, you gotta go — right? Wrong. Now that the Uritrottoir Urinal Planter is on the scene, you’ll be able to relieve yourself without ever needing to go pee on some random bush. Made up of two boxes, one on top holding plans, fertilized soil, and the main portion of the urinal, you simply have to pee down onto a straw that’s held in the lower box. Once enough urine hits the straw, so to speak, a sensor will tell you when the straw needs swapped out and taken to a separate composting facility, before eventually making its way back to another unit as food for the flowers on top.

The Uritrottoir Urinal Planter is truly a green way to turn the world’s urination problem into an eco-friendly solution. This system is currently on trial at select spots in Paris (a city with a notorious public urination issue) and it seems likely that it’ll make its way Stateside in the future.

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Uritrottoir Urinal Planter Makes Both Public Urinals & Public Urination A Thing Of The Past
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