Okay, so let’s be honest. The closest any of us will probably get to hanging a bear or lion head on our walls is via this Urban Herd collection, made of — get this — BBs, now on display (and for sale) at Chicago’s Jean Albano Gallery from talented artist Courtney Timmermans. While we’ve brought the king of the wild and his equally scary companion to you in the pics above, that’s not the limit for Timmermans.

Make sure you check out the rest of the collection via the buy link, and you’ll see rhinos, moose heads, and even elephants, done in the same style. The buy range on these goes from about $2k to $4k. Your only other alternative is to go kill one or two of these yourself and hang them on the wall. Just use something more powerful than a BB if you’re gonna give it a try.

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Urban Herd Collection From Courtney Timmermans
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