If you’re reading this right now then we’re willing to bet that you spent your formative years on the internet. That’s probably the reason why you have such terrible posture, after all. The internet is, however, a curious creation. It has ruined your posture, your back, and any chances that you might have had at not being confused with Quasimodo, but it has also given you the solution to your back pain and social ostracism. We’re speaking, of course, about the UPRIGHT GO — a wearable device that you place discreetly under your clothing and which gives you a gentle vibration when it detects that you’re slouching.

UPRIGHT GO promises to correct any issues that you might be facing due to your back posture. This includes backache and muscular pain, but also means that you’re going to be training your muscles to work efficiently and fight fatigue as well as develop your back and core muscles.

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UPRIGHT GO Promises To Correct Your Back Posture Once And For All
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