We’re willing to bet that your smartphone or tablet’s camera is your primary means of taking photos. If that’s the case then why not start treating your mobile devices as you would a real DSLR camera? We’re talking about augmenting its lens by buying the Limelens Lens Set, of course. This collection of two outstanding mini lenses and all three versions of the genius Limeclip attachment are designed to perfectly secure both lenses to over 70 smartphones and tablets. That’s right, regardless of whether you’re an Android or an iOS user, you’ll be able to take gorgeous macro/wide lens photos with the dual-purpose lenses, and capture creative photo and video with the included fisheye lens.


Want to know more about the Limelens Lens Set? Our handy bullet points tells all:

•Fit the lenses to just about any smartphone or tablet on the market

•Diversify your photo-taking ability w/ two premium lenses

•Attain a 10x Macro perspective or a 0.67x wide-angle view w/ the dual-purpose lens

•Drink in the atmosphere w/ the 190° supreme fisheye lens

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Upgrade Your iPhone's Lens With The Limelens Set
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