Let’s say you bought into the whole Amazon Alexa craze but didn’t want to pony up the cash for an Amazon Tap. While you might think that you saved money by going for the cheaper Amazon Echo Dot, the fact remains that you won’t ever be able to play music either at home or on the go — those integrated speakers are just too low quality to really enjoy music on. Luckily for you there’s Vaux, a $49 accessory for the 2nd-gen Amazon Echo Dot that’ll essentially upgrade your Dot into an Amazon Tap.

Setting up Vaux is extremely simple. Just slot in your Echo Dot into the unit, connect the two with the built-in Micro USB and 3.5mm audio cables and you’re good to go. Vaux draws its power off of the very same regular wall plug that you’d use for your Echo Dot. Pretty ingenious system if we say so ourselves.

Vaux is a must-have speaker upgrade for any serious music lover. Make sure you get yours via the link below.

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Upgrade Your Amazon Echo Dot Into A Tap With Vaux
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