If you’re a musician then you might be feeling a bit disappointed in the current range of wearables out there. Where’s the gadget for the intrepid guitarist or saxophone virtuoso? Search no more. Soundbrenner Pulse is here to help you unleash your inner music prodigy!

Soundbrenner Pulse is a wearable device not unlike a fitness tracker. It’s basically the ultimate evolution of the metronome which’ll vibrate in order to help you follow the rhythm. That’s right, no more annoying clicking sounds. You’ll be able to focus on getting your music right without any other auditory distractions. The Pulse also supports MIDI Sync with all major DAWs.


Setting up the Soundbrenner Pulse is simple. You just pair it with your smartphone and select your band. You can then just tap the beat you want the Pulse to follow on the device itself with your fingers. Intrigued? Head on over to their Indiegogo page in order to support the Soundbrenner Pulse today.

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Unleash Your Inner Musician With The Soundbrenner Pulse
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