Want to make a better cocktail? You could spend hundreds of hours trying to learn the fine art of mixology or you could just start using technology to help you do it. Meet MixStik, an LED-covered stick which connects to your phone in order to help you determine if you’ve balanced your cocktail’s delicate mix of ingredients once you’ve dropped it in your drink of course.


MixStik is far from a one trick pony, however. Your future intelligent drink mix companion is also able to provide you with cocktail recipes based on the ingredients you have onhand. It also comes with a handy “setup” mode which measures your drink shaker so it can determine the right amounts of each ingredient.

Thirsty for more? You can get your own MixStik for just $39 when the product hits Kickstarter later on in September. If you’re not the type to jump in early then you should add an additional $100 or so that MixStik will cost once it hits retail.

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Unleash Your Inner Mixologist With The MixStik
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