Seriously, what’s more fun than a pool party out back? Good friends, family, the neighbors or just a small rendezvous—it’s always one of the funnest affairs. One additional thing you need though, according to the fine folks at HomeWetBar, is one or more of these groovy floating disco-type balls.

The UFO-ish floating disco ball boasts seven presets for different ‘shows’; alternatively, mix it up and tune it to ‘random’ to alternate between light shows. Use the underwater disco light balls in a pool, spa, hot tub, or even in the bathtub/jacuzzi for that matter.

We recommend, though, that if you have a large pool (e.g. 20ft x 40), go ahead and order three or four of them to evenly distribute the dazzle. Not recommended, however, is trying to pull off some Saturday Night Fever moves while in the water.

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Underwater Light Show | By Swim Time
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