Getting sick of all the Kaepernick jerseys you’ll be seeing in the next couple of weeks? Tired of the same Che Guevera special those conformists to non-conformity are wearing? Then it’s time you picked up an UnderRepped T-Shirt. The UnderRepped folks have a solid idea on their backs, and they will soon be kicking off a Kickstarter campaign to bring it to the masses.

The concept is simple: There are lots of awesome people, who’ve done lots of amazing things before being forgotten by the sands of time. People like Roald Amundsen, the explorer who discovered the South Pole and led the first expedition to the North Pole; Victoria Woodhull, the woman to run for U.S. President (1872); Adolph Rickenbacker, inventor of the electric guitar; and Renne Laennec, inventor of the stethoscope.

Donors will have a say in the next line of shirts and, depending on the donation, can even have one of these 100% cotton tees done on an UnderRepped person of their choice. Shirts use the discharge screen printing process meaning that the design is part of the shirt and not just a screened on image that will crack and peel. Summer can’t come fast enough!
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UnderRepped T-Shirt
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