As if the game of chess wasn’t hard enough for those of us with admittedly pea-sized brains, here comes the Umbra Wobble Chess Set to liven up the action. While chess is one of those games, we presume, where nothing much happens in the action department, Umbra looked at the situation and said, “The hell with it, we’re gonna liven this biatch up in here!” (Assuming they’re all gangstas.) The result is this beautiful concave board with wobbling pieces that add a nuanced bit of activity to an otherwise physically stagnant game.

While this inStash writer does not foresee a future where he’s ever worth a crap at chess, he’s also gotta say that he respects these guys for coming up with something so aesthetically pleasing and well designed. And really, three bills is not a lot to ask for this specialty board if you love the game as much as you pretend to for your snobby friends. Unfortunately, some of us are too damn stupid to put this work of art to use.

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Umbra Wobble Chess Set
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