If you’ve ever worked in an office, you know how trivial things can be so upsetting. You have to take so much crap from so many people, who have no business telling you what to do, that the last thing you want is to get any lip from your tape dispenser. But just when you need to tear off a piece, you find yourself fighting the weightlessness of the entire dispenser as it destabilizes the tear. How terrible.

Thankfully, the Ultimate Heavy Weight Tape Dispenser is here with its shiny aluminum body and cast iron core to save the day. The whole dispenser weighs 2.2 pounds, so you can forget about dragging that pesky dispenser with you next time you go for a pull. Problem. Solved. Now you can worry about the other 99 percent of your job’s daily annoyances.

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Ultimate Heavy Weight Tape Dispenser
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