ULH is a black silicone cone that will fit and stretch any lens you have. It is an incredibly multipurpose camera kit that can be attached facing forwards so it can block out any unwanted reflections and glare when capturing an object through a window. You can also attach it facing backwards to protect your camera from harmful elements in your surroundings. It can fit any Bridge camera, M43, Mirrorless, and DSLR lenses.

For Lemuro or Moment lens photographers, mobile users, or small digital camera users, the ULH mini is available to allow you to capture that perfect, glare-free image. It is designed for any lens with a diameter smaller than 60mm. The ULH mini can stretch from 30mm up to 60mm and can also work perfectly with shoot and smaller point cameras.

On the other hand, the original ULH is specifically developed for Mirrorless and DSLR cameras and it can fit and stretch with any lens that has at least 60 mm barrel diameter or higher. It is super stretchy in a way that it can stretch over a 115 diameter hood from the Canon 100-400 lens.

Additionally, the Ultimate Lens Hood lets you protect your camera from the harmful elements that nature can inflict. It can protect your camera from frying pan fat, dust, dirt, sand, mud, snow, and water without requiring you to carry expensive, fiddly, and bulky accessories.

Made from a compression molded silicone, the ULH is extremely compressible and flexible. It is ideal for wedging in your camera bag to provide additional protection to your kit. You can even wrap it around your spare lens for protection when carrying it inside your regular bag.

The Ultimate Lens Hood is a must-have accessory for travelers, filmmakers, and photographers alike. If you’re interested in purchasing the ULH, it is currently on its Kickstarter campaign; thus, you can reserve a unit for only $39.

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ULH: The Ultimate Lens Hood
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