CORRECTION TO EARLIER POST: It was mistakenly reported that Canonical had used a non-fixed funding goal on their IndieGogo campaign. Our apologies. That was in error. Unfortunately for the project, they used the all-or-nothing approach, which is a little heart-wrenching since, with only two hours left in the campaign on Wednesday night, they had raised more than $12 million in funding. Unless the company can find $20 million in the next hour or two, this one looks like it’s done for. Too bad, too, because it really was an awesome concept. Not sure where it goes from here. Here’s wishing them the best.


Well, it doesn’t look like the $32 million funding goal is going to get reached on the IndieGogo product page, but the crew at Canonical gave it one heck of a try with the Ubuntu Edge funding effort. Luckily, the $10.7 million that the company has currently raised for its first ever smartphone production will help defray some of the costs.

(They had the foresight not to go Kickstarter with the campaign, so that means what has been donated, has actually been donated.)

Anyhow, the Ubuntu Edge boasts a sapphire crystal screen, which is highly scratch resistant. The screen is 4.5 inches. It comes with 128GB of storage. (Not a misprint.) It delivers a PC worthy 4GB of RAM. And last but not least, you can use the Ubuntu OS without sacrificing your Android apps. Better hurry to get yours. There’s only about three days left on the campaign.

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