The name Yiyang might not mean much to you on the surface, but when you realize that she’s the artist behind the original Twitter fail whale, your interest for the new Twitter Nesting Dolls Kickstarter should perk up. If you’re like me, you love Twitter because of the invaluable source of news that it is. Others may love it because they can rub shoulders with Justin Beiber (outside of the Dade County Jail, of course). Still others just get on there to insult people. Bottom line: the site means a lot of things to a lot of people.

Now, thanks to Yiyang and the Department of Reckless Abandon, you can celebrate Twitter with a set of seven Russian nesting dolls featuring a likeness for each executive, and an all encompassing doll that represents the Twitter base. There is also an as-yet-to-be-determined doll that you can help decide from three options. At the bottom of the set, there is also a plaque that will contain your Twitter name, the date you joined, and a tweet of your choice. Pretty cool project. But the only way you can get in on the action is if you head over to Kickstarter in the next 27 days and make a donation. Thus far, the project has raised $5,980. It still needs about $24,020 to come to fruition.

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