Traditional smoking apparatuses are normally similar to each other. However, every once in a while, something new and electrifying comes out; just like this Twisty XL Glass Blunt by 7pipe. It is a paperless revolutionary glass blunt that has a cool pull technology that provides every user a smooth hit.

The Twisty XL Glass Blunt is fun when you have a group session and it can easily be cleaned. Although it would take you several herbs to use it properly, it still has a better design when compared to other traditional glass blunts.

Traditional glass blunts are usually large and hollow glass tubes which make it hard to keep it continuously lighted. Hence, it primarily doesn't perform that well. With the Twisty XL Glass Blunt, you can slowly press your herbs towards the end as it burns. This is due to its metal spring situated inside the chamber.

As soon as you purchase this paperless revolutionary glass blunt, you're going to realize that it will take tons of herbs before you can start smoking. Thus, the Twisty XL Glass Blunt is for someone who takes a huge amount of herb in a single sitting. Because of its cool pull technology, it can substantially cool the smoke by the time it reaches you. The screw cools down the herb by doubling the smoke's path before you can inhale it. This process gives the augur a lot of time to absorb the heat so it can give you a 30% cooler hit.

The package includes the twisty glass blunt, microfiber bag, brush, 2 silicon caps, and an O-ring. A replacement glass is also available so there's no problem if you drop and broke your original glass blunt.

With the 7Pipe Twisty XL Glass Blunt, you can store up to 2 grams of herbs and its even water pipe compatible. Likewise, you can carry it wherever you like because it includes a microfiber bag. It also balances perfectly in your hand like any typical cigar.

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Twisty XL Glass Blunt: Your Revolutionary Paperless Glass Blunt
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