What do you get when you infuse chocolates with as much liquor as legally allowed? Chocolates that have been banned in 32 states (hey, we didn’t say they were legal everywhere).

Twice The Vice Spirited Chocolates come in a variety of collections, some of them limited editions for the holidays. Currently they have the Classic Cocktails Collection (with Mint Julep, White Russian, and Margarita flavored chocolate), or the Chick Drinks Collection (with Cosmopolitan, Chocolate Martini, and Margarita flavored chocolate). The company even does custom recipes with your own branding.

Each piece contains about 1/8th of a shot, so while they probably won’t get you wasted, you may actually have to keep an eye on how many you eat before getting behind the wheel. The last thing you want to do is give your buddies something to laugh at for the rest of their lives (i.e. going to jail for stuffing your face with chocolate).

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Twice The Vice Spirited Chocolates
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