Summer has come and gone, giving way to cooler weather. In preparation for the winter, you really should give your radiator an upgrade and boost its IQ a couple of points. We’re talking about turning your radiator into a “smart radiator”, something which can be easily accomplished by installing a Netatmo Valve. As its name implies, this device replaces the existing valve on your radiator. Once in place, they’ll allow you to connect your radiator to your network and urn up or down your radiator in a particular room straight from your smartphone. You can even set different schedules for the bathroom, the bedrooms and much much more! It can even detect when a window is open and stop heating a room. Talk about smart!

Netatmo is on record as stating that their product works with with normal hot water radiators, and is “especially compatible” with European ones — these radiators are actually much more common in Europe, after all. More below.

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Turn Your Radiator Into A Smart Radiator With Netatmo Valve
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