The Casey Putsch Turbine Powered Bat Car will make every Batman dream you’ve ever had come true. Firstly, it allows you to role-play as the Caped Crusader. Secondly, it will help you pick up a lot more (cat)women than you’re probably accustomed to. (Hello, Mr. Millionaire Playboy.) And lastly, it will bring you face-to-face with your Gotham City’s seedier element, as every carjacker in town will likely want it for their own.

It does it with a 365-horsepower turboshaft engine from Boeing, adjustable suspension with disc brakes, a sturdy chassis of steel tubular space/monocoque and a combo of fiberglass and aluminum on the body, which is smoking hot by the way. This beast is made of some truly quality materials including a U.S. military-grade engine that’ll have you the talk of town for some time to come.

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Turbine Powered Bat Car
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