One look at the Triumph Rocket and you’ll think it’s some kind of futuristic space craft. Looks can be deceiving, however, as the Rocket is actually a land vehicle which is able to reach the jaw-dropping speed of 400mph on land. In order to achieve this remarkable feat, Triumph had to outfit the Rocket with a pair of turbocharged Rocket II engines, each of with produces 500hp (for a combined total of 1000 horsepower, of course). Also assisting it in its quest for almost-literal breakneck speed is its Kevlar construction.


For those of you who’ve never heard of Triumph, here’s a little backstory: the company once held the motorcycle land speed record for nearly 15 years straight before the 1970s — not an easy feat, but one that allowed Triumph to cut its teeth on breaking speed records.

The Triumph Rocket will be piloted by Guy Martin, a famous British motorcycle racer later on this month. Stay tuned!

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Triumph Rocket Set To Break Land Speed Records Later This Month
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