Why is it that we store our flashlights where they’re most likely not to be found during a power outage? Well, partially because they just aren’t attractive enough to leave out in the open. That is, unless you’ve got a Trioh!.

The Trioh!, dubbed the world’s most beautiful flashlight, actually packs 3 different lights for every situation. When you need something aesthetically pleasing, it acts as an accent light. When the power goes out, the Trioh! automatically turns on, becoming an emergency light. And when you need a flashlight, simply remove the Trioh! from its base and power your way through the dark with three super-bright LEDs.

The rechargeable batteries are good for over 12 hours of battery life, and since the base remains plugged into an outlet, you’ll never have to worry about the Trioh! being charged when you need it the most.

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Trioh! Flashlight
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