Amazon isn’t Apple. Unlike the Cupertino-based tech titan, Amazon doesn’t want to keep their best features in a walled garden and away from people who would pay top dollar to use them. Case in point, Amazon’s Alexa— the company’s advanced personal assistant — will soon be making its way into Triby, a portable, voice-controlled smart hub.


Built by a Invoxia, Triby is a battery-powered device which will allow you to play music in addition to giving you access to Amazon’s Voice Search, also known as Alexa. What’s more, the new gadget is not only smaller than Amazon’s own Echo product but also features a display screen.

In terms of design, Triby can be best described as taking the most indulgent parts of an old-timey radio. Between it’s large speaker grill and color plastic, the device seems to be more durable than Amazon’s products as well.

If you’re interested in buying your own Triby then make sure you check out their official homepage below for pricing and availability information.

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Triby May Just Be Your Next Personal Assistant
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