Unless you’re Canadian or from New England, you’re probably not aware of just how perfect the combination between coffee and maple syrup really is. Knowing this, the folks behind the Trees Knees Coffee Maple Syrup have created the ultimate combination in culinary history. Handmade in Brooklyn (where else?) using only the finest maple syrup from the Catskill Mountains, life for the Trees Knees Coffee Maple Syrup starts off much like any other Maple Syrup’s life would. It’s only when it is infused with Stumptown Coffee Roasters Hair Bender Blend coffee that it truly becomes unique, gaining flavors such as chocolate, toffee, and cherry.


Trees Knees Coffee Maple Syrup goes perfectly with anything from pancakes to cocktails. If you do end up buying some, you’ll probably embark on a flavor quest of your own where you try putting it on literally anything — we know we did. Find out more about it below.

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Trees Knees Coffee Maple Syrup Combines Two Breakfast Time Staples
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