Travelling when you are a shameless technophile can be cumbersome at best. Various connectors, cords, and peripherals, not to mention the gadgets themselves, can be a nightmare to lug around. Sure, you can try to stuff them all into a bag, spending hours untangling all the cords once you reach your destination and praying that your precious hardware remains undamaged. Or you can use something a little more specialized.

Like the travel vest for men by Scottevest. It comes in three colors: black, red, and beige. There are 22 pockets on this extreme gadget holder where you can store an iPad (size large and up), an iPhone, passport, water bottle, sunglasses, keys, and whatever else you need with you. The pockets are specially lined to keep your gadgets safe and scratch-free. They’re also designed to be anti-bulge, creating a slim profile.

When you get to the airport just take the whole thing off, put it through security, and then slip it back on. Beats lugging around a large carry on.

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Travel Vest for Men | By Scottevest
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