Don’t lose your valuables with iTraq, the world’s first global location device. iTraq is unique because it can be located wherever you may be in the world. Unlike other trackers like Tile, you don’t need to be 100ft of the device in order to find what you’re looking for. What’s more, with iTraq you can actually track your belongings within a city block. Not bad huh? Once you’ve narrowed down your valuables you can then switch on Bluetooth to pinpoint the accuracy further.


iTraq was designed to be small and portable. The device’s dimensions are only 85 x 65 x 5 mm (about as small and thick as a credit card, perfect for wallets). That’s actually pretty impressive considering that iTraq’s battery life can work up to 3 years without the need to be recharged. The device actually contains a SIM card which allows it to communicate with cell towers in order to triangulate the location of whatever it’s on. iTraq is currently seeking funding via Indiegogo so why not give them your backing today?


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Track Your Valuables From Anywhere With iTraq
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