Condoms might have been around since time immemorial but its only in 2017 that they’ve become connected devices. And while human beings have been getting on just fine without needing a tracker for their peckers, the fact of the matter is that having detailed statistics on your own sex life can — and will — make you a better lover.

Meet the i.Con Smart Condom, the world’s first smart condom. This device’s name is actually a bit of a misnomer as its in reality a ring that sits at the base of the penis — whether or not that penis is wearing a condom or not. Once in place, it can track a variety of metrics including calories burned (answering the age old question of “How many calories do I burn when I have sex?”), total thrusts, sexual frequency, total duration of sessions and girth measurement. i.Con even boasts a few other metrics including average velocity of thrusts, different positions used (currently in beta) and average skin temperature.

Buy yours and unlock your inner Casanova by clicking on the link below.

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Track Your Pecker's Performance With The i.Con Smart Condom
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