Musicians who have unexpected downtimes such as flight delays or being stood up (Hey, that happens!), you can now make use of this inactivities albeit unwanted and play your favorite music. Maybe you can also come up with a new beat or two using only your tablet and the Touchbeat Smart Drum Kit.

Touchbeat is a portable and smart music instrument just like the Jamstik that lets you play anywhere and anytime you want as long as you have a tablet where you can install the Touchbeat app.

All you have to do is connect the Touch Emulator to your device, open the app, and start beating using the two drumsticks that are part of the kit. To complete the experience, there’s also the kick pedal. If you’re in a place where there’s no flat surface to place your tablet on, don’t worry because this kit includes a leg strap so you can strap your tablet on legs.

If you are just learning the ropes of drumming, the app includes games and different modes that suit your level.

If the free app is not your type, you may also use other drum applications as Touchbeat is designed to work with all of them.

In case the person sitting right next to you at the airport lounge doesn’t appreciate the quote and quote music you are creating, simply plug in your headphones and keep your music to yourself.

Watch how it works here:

Touchbeat Smart Drum Kit is a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign and is created by WIFO Corporation, a South Korean startup company dedicating its life to creating accessories for our phones and tablets that are purely for music creation.

WIFO Corp is the maker of the RemoFinger S, a page turner for digital sheet music, and RemoFinger G, a pedal-like remote controller for various music apps.

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