Google Glass is dead. Long live Toshiba Glass! That’s right, the Tokyo-based giant recently showed off its take on augmented reality glasses at last month’s CES. Unlike Google Glass, which functions by projecting into a small plastic cube which sits right above your vision, Toshiba Glass functions by projecting right into your lenses. Toshiba’s real innovation here is that using Toshiba Glass won’t make you look like a Glasshole.

Toshiba Glass


Toshiba showed off a few applications for Glass at CES, one of them was displaying speed when riding a bicycle and another was impressive real-time translation. Currently, Toshiba Glass must be tethered to your phone in order to function as it lacks its own battery. Unlike Google Glass, Toshiba Glass is also lacking a camera. These aren’t necessarily bad things though, as Toshiba Glass will likely be priced at a significantly lower price point than Google Glass was at $1,500. There’s no information on when the product will be available or concrete pricing information but you can bet on hearing a lot more about Toshiba Glass in the coming months.


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Toshiba Takes Aim At Google Glass
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