Photography (41-50)

AutoStitch PanoramaAutoStitch Panorama ($2.99): Sometimes the subject you’re trying to capture on camera is too big, like an entire room or a sweeping landscape. For those “wider” moments, there’s AutoStitch Panorama. It’s a very easy concept: shoot several photos of a single scene at different spots, drop them into AutoStitch and watch the app work its magic. the similar aspects will be overlapped, inconsistencies will be removed and what you’ll be left with is a panoramic photo of that beautiful landscape to keep forever. This may be a unitasking app, but what it does, it does very well.

Color SplashColor Splash ($1.99): This one’s another unitasker, but if you’ve learned anything from AutoStitch, it’s that an app that does one thing and one thing only tends to do that one thing better than those “Jack of all trades” apps. Color Splash is an application that turns any photo black-and-white and lets the user select specific elements of the photo to colorize (also known as the Pleasantville-look). When used on the right shots, the results can be stirring and beautiful.

Flickit ProFlickit Pro ($4.99): While moderate Flickr users will be fine with the basic Flickr app, power users will need something with more…chutzpah. Flickit Pro kicks things up a notch by including features not found in other Flickr apps, such as batch uploading, the ability to search for nearby photos, infinite scrolling in large streams and a customized “favorite” contacts list to keep up to date with your favorite photographers. The slick UI also makes Flickit Pro both immediately captivating and easy to pick up. Sure, $4.99 seems steep, but if you’re always on Flickr it’s a paltry sum for what will eventually be the only way to view your photos.

Adobe Photoshop ExpressAdobe Photoshop Express (Free): For a free photo app, Adobe Photoshop Express is crammed with enough features to make it as valuable as some $5 photo applications. Crop, rotate, tint, saturate and sharpen your photos with a few taps on the screen. Sliding scales make fine-tuning the settings a breeze and when you’re all done, slap a border on it and share your creation with your friends on

Pro HDRPro HDR ($1.99): The iPhone 4’s built-in HDR feature works well, but it doesn’t offer the same control and customizability as the Pro HDR app for the iPhone. Pro HDR comes with both an automatic mode for capturing images quickly and a manual mode where you can control the exposure of each photo. Read some of the reviews on this app and you’ll realize that what Apple included on the iPhone was nothing compared to this application. Pro HDR is for serious photo enthusiasts who want their iPhone pics to look as clear and perfect as anything taken with a standard point-and-shoot. Bye bye washed out skies, hello blues and grays.

iMovieiMovie ($4.99): When Apple gave the iPhone 3GS a built-in video camera, it included some minor editing software with it. When it gave the iPhone 4 an HD video camera, it created a brand new editing application worthy of the phone’s 720p capabilities. IMovie is a full-blown video editing package for the iPhone 4 (sorry, it won’t work on anything older) that lets users splice footage, add themes and photos, include separate audio tracks and export the final products to YouTube or the camera roll. You wouldn’t think editing footage on the iPhone would be particularly intuitive, or even easy, but it rivals what you’ll find from Apple on the desktop. Good luck locating a video editing application for the iPhone that packs in the same features as iMovie in as user-friendly and affordable a package – you won’t find it.

HipstamaticHipstamatic ($1.99): Give your photos that retro flair with the Hipstamatic app. All your photos will look like they were taken with a toy camera from the 1980s, but this is more than just a one-trick gimmick. “Swap” lenses and films on the fly to change the dynamics of each photo and purchase special “Hipstapaks” to unlock even more styles. Photos can be uploaded to Flickr or Facebook from within the app, so all your friends can wonder how you were able to travel back in time and take some of the most washed out and awkwardly tinted photos imaginable.

InstagramInstagram (Free): Imagine starting your own Tumblelog…but entirely with photos. That’s the basic idea behind Instagram. As you shoot the things around you, you tag your photos with location data and upload them to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Tumblr to share with your friends. Posting a photo with a location attached can also automatically check you into that place on Foursquare, providing you with a new way to share your images with those closest to you. It’s your life in photos on every photo-sharing service imaginable.

OldBooth PremiumOldBooth Premium ($1.99): If you think the current photos of you and your friends are lacking important features, like big Jersey hair and 1950s tweed, take a gander at OldBooth Premium. Snap a pic of someone you love (or hate – it works both ways), line them up in one of the old school photos with the face cut out and save the masterpiece to your camera roll. Pretty soon, you’ll have your own class of ‘89 yearbook right on your iPhone (minus the leg warmers).

PercolatorPercolator ($1.99): Percolator is nothing like the other photography apps on the app store. It creates rich, colorful mosaics of your photos using circles and other shapes. The result is something unique and eye-catching, which is necessary in a store full of ’70s-era toy camera apps and Photoshop-wannabes.

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