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Nightstand CentralNightstand Central ($.99): Nightstand is one of the best bedside alarm clock apps available on the iPhone. The app display’s the local weather and a retro flip-style clock over a beautiful time-based illustration of a particular landscape. Adjust the dimness by swiping your finger up or down, or shake your phone to snooze the blaring alarm. Nightstand is a fully customizable bedside alarm replacement built right into your iPhone and is a must-have application.

CarboniteCarbonite (Free): If you’ve ever worried about losing your important data, you’ve most likely backed it up to an external hard drive. If you’re smart, you’ve backed it up using a complex cloud service, like Carbonite. The Carbonite iPhone app gives you access to your online backup from anywhere and allows you to view the contents of your files from the comfort of your palm. Need to email yourself a document you forgot on a thumb drive at home? Tap into the Carbonite app and email it to yourself from the app, then access it from your work computer. This app can be a godsend in a pinch.

Weather HDWeather HD ($.99): Weather applications don’t get any more gorgeous than this. Rather than just show a simple icon and a list of random weather information, Weather HD displays an HD animation of the current weather condition behind a few key weather details (highs and lows, precipitation, humidity and wind). You can also get the forecast for the week or the next several hours, all rendered beautifully within a 3.5-inch screen.

Google EarthGoogle Earth (Free): The stalker’s favorite desktop application has a powerful sibling on the iPhone. Users can traverse the world just as they do on their PCs at home, as well as view geo-located photos on the Panoramio layer of the app to get a greater sense of the sights nearby. Wikipedia entries for important locales can also be viewed from within Google Earth, providing users with a wealth of information without having to leave the app.

IMDBIMDB (Free): Don’t you hate not knowing where you’ve seen that particular actor before? (Hint: it’s Corbin Bernsen and he used to be on L.A. Law.) Well, whip out your iPhone and investigate it using the Free IMDB app. I don’t think I need to go into detail on what the app really offers because let’s face it, you already know how to use IMDB. It’s the same thing here, just smaller.

AT&T myWireless MobileAT&T myWireless Mobile (Free): AT&T offers this application to make it easy to manage your account with them. Check your minute and text message usage, add or remove features from your account and pay your bill quickly and easily. Push notifications alert you of upcoming bills and low minute or data balances, as well. Not too shabby from AT&T, eh?

Readdle DocsReaddle Docs ($4.99): Readdle Docs aims to be your office away from the office. Save email attachments directly to the app, browse and search PDF documents, download docs from the Web and sync it all up with services like GoogleDocs and Dropbox. You even get a free 512MB Readdle storage account in case any of your other services are full (or for redundancy’s sake). This is a very ambitious application that manages to do a lot of things right, making it indispensable for the average road warrior.

Find My iPhoneFind My iPhone (Free): Apple did iDevice owners a solid when it made Find My iPhone a free service. Search online and you’ll find a slew of stories from people who’ve gone all Liam Neeson in Taken when they logged into their MobileMe accounts and tracked down the scum who stole their iPhones. Now you can do the same from your iPad or other iOS gadget using Apple’s own Find My iPhone app. Send a message to your phone to alert the thieves of their misdeed, or just locate it on the built-in map and send the cops their way. Regardless, people would be stupid to steal iGizmos nowadays with this service available for free to everyone.

Google MobileGoogle Mobile (Free): The Google Mobile app manages to shove just about every google service you can think of into your iPhone. Search the Web via text or voice input, or access any one of your various Google accounts from the service springboard. If you’re a Googlite whose data belongs to the almighty Schmidt, you’d be stupid not to download this app.

RunKeeper ProRunKeeper Pro (Free*): Ah, the New Year’s resolution. I already broke mine, but if you promised to get in shape this year and you’re looking to track your progress, check out RunKeeper Pro. Track how far you’ve run, the time taken and the route traveled right from this app. Access your iTunes playlists without leaving the app and get time or distance-based audio updates through your headphones as you work out. You can post your data to Facebook and/or Twitter, making your friends jealous that you’re getting ripped, while they eat Cheetos at their desks at work. Feel the burn!

*Note: RunKeeper Pro is only free until the end of January 2011, when it will go back up to $9.99 – get it now!

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