Finance (81-90) Personal Personal Finance (Free): Mint is an online financial management tracking service run by the same company that makes Quicken. While you can’t physically move money around in Mint, you can monitor your spending, establish budgets, see your net worth and track all your investments from one central dashboard. If you have multiple accounts, multiple loans or just want to see where all your money is going (hint: it’s the Starbucks around the corner from your office), keep the Mint iPhone app on your main home screen.

Bank of AmericaBank of America (Free): They’re the largest, most fear-inducing banking force on the planet…which means you probably have an account with them. The free Bank of America app for the iPhone is essentially a portal to an iPhone-optimized version of their website. You can track your purchases and deposits, access multiple accounts, pay bills and find the nearest banking center thanks to the use of GPS. And stay tuned – early this year, BoA is planning on re-vamping the whole app.

Mobile Banking on AT&TMobile Banking on AT&T (Free): If you have multiple bank accounts at different banks, you might want to give the Mobile Banking app a spin. Depending on which institutions you’re a member of, you can take advantage of online bill pay, rewards programs, balance transfers and transaction histories for all your accounts from within a single application. Not all features are supported for all banks, so check the app page in iTunes to see if you’re covered.

PayPalPayPal (Free): PayPal has been diligent in regularly updating its app. Users can take advantage of a powerful and intuitive user interface in order to add or withdraw funds, view transaction histories and a variety of other unique features. For example, users can “bump” iPhones in order to exchange contacts and send money, as well as gift money to friends. Oh, and if you take a picture of a check, that money will be automatically deposited into your account – all from your iPhone. Boom.

Chase MobileChase Mobile (Free): Similar to the BoA app, Chase Mobile gives you access to your transaction history, online bill pay features and GPS-powered branch locator. What this app provides that other banking apps tend to gloss over are push notifications and the ability to see your rewards balances. Is your checking account running low, or do you have a bill due soon? Ding! You’re alerted. Wondering how many more points you need for that toaster? Pop into the app and check your rewards status.

Pageonce Pro – Money & BillsPageonce Pro – Money & Bills ($12.99): I know – I went from all free apps to a $13 one without any transition, but it’s for a reason. Pageonce is a great looking app for managing your bills, transactions, rewards and frequent flyer miles, mobile minutes and text messages and just about anything else you can think of. This is the jack-of-all-trades app you’re looking for to manage your life, complete with alerts for upcoming due dates and low balances. Pageonce is definitely worth the price.

MoneyBookMoneyBook ($2.99): You might think MoneyBook is just another “beauty over brains” app that focuses more on looks than actual functionality, but you’d be wrong. MoneyBook is a stunning application that lets you balance your budget, track your salary and see where your money is going thanks to easy-to-follow categories. Handy charts make money-watching simple and the user-friendly interface results in a non-existent learning curve. When it comes to great looking financial apps, look no further than MoneyBook.

Pay Off DebtPay Off Debt ($2.99): Pay Off Debt is an application based around the simple concept of “snowballing” your payments to pay down debt faster. Focus on one particular debt and put all extra money on it while still making your minimum payments on the other debts. When the one is paid off, use its payments on top of the other minimums to pay down another debt. Keep going with that pattern and you’ll be debt free in no time. Pay Off Debt allows you to record your original debt amounts, each payment and desired debt-free date so you know around when you’ll be completely out of the red.

PocketMoneyPocketMoney ($4.99): Manage an unlimited number of accounts across all iOS devices and a desktop application using the universal PocketMoney. PocketMoney is similar in functionality to Mint, but offers additional functionality with the ability to photograph receipts, import and export a variety of file types (CSV, QIF, etc…) and keep track of multiple currencies. You might not think $4.99 is worth it for something you can get from Mint for free, but remember: you’re also getting an iPad app and sync capabilities across multiple devices.

E*Trade Mobile ProE*Trade Mobile Pro (Free): It’s E*Trade. On your iPhone. Access your dashboard to watch your portfolio in real-time. Feel like doing some buying or selling based on your quotes? Go right ahead right from within the app and track your stock’s performance using the integrated charts. You can also set up alerts when stocks reach certain price points and act accordingly. E*Trade Mobile Pro is probably the best way to manage your portfolio from your iPhone (if you already use E*Trade, of course).

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