eBay (Free): While you could scour the eBay website on your iPad, the experience isn’t nearly as enjoyable as using the eBay app instead. EBay for iPad features an intuitive grid layout, complete with large touch areas and sharp photo galleries so you can get the best look possible at that old teapot you’ve been eyeing. You can also bid on items, watch auctions and actually sell your items right from your iPad. Even if you have a computer, why would you want to use that over the iPad app?

Amazon Mobile (Free): Like the eBay app above, Amazon Mobile
brings the complexity of the Web-based Amazon marketplace to your iPad in a sleek, easy-to-use local application. Browse, compare prices and buy whatever you can find on from your iPad, then track the status of the order once it’s placed.

Other features include the ability to preview tracks from the Amazon MP3 store and watch movie trailers wherever there’s a connection.

PriceGrabber (Free): It’s almost impossible to scour the Internet to collect and compare prices on a particular item you want, then calculate shipping charges. PriceGrabber for iPad takes the burden off your shoulders and places it on their database of stores to find your desired product and get you the lowest possible price (including shipping). You can read review, add products to your Favorites list for later shopping and get notifications when prices have fallen to a pre-determined amount.

Amazon Windowshop (Free): While Amazon Mobile is the app equivalent of going to the grocery store with a list, Windowshop is kind of like going to the mall. You’re presented with a bunch of categories and shops and you can peruse as much or as little as you’d like using the scrolling columns on the home screen. See which products are available for Amazon Prime and use Amazon 1-click checkout to purchase them on the spot. Wish Lists are also accessible through Windowshop, as you must log in with your account to purchase anything.

LivingSocial (Free): Daily deal sites are a dime a dozen, but LivingSocial is one of the biggest and most widely used. With their app, you can easily see what promotions are going on in your city and buy them immediately, or share them with friends via email and Twitter. Want to know what’s available near you each day? Enable push notifications and have the day’s deal automatically pop up as soon as it’s available.

Gilt (Free): Gilt, the members-only shopping site, has an iPad app as slick as the products inside. Touch and drag items to your cart, zoom into full-screen item photos and save up to 70% on retail prices with a few taps of your fingers.


Trulia (Free): It’s a buyer’s market, so if you’re looking for a new home to buy or apartment for rent, download Trulia to make the process easier. Browse full-screen, hi-res photos or properties, view surrounding area maps and investigate the local community so you know the home you want is in the area you want. The interface is beautiful and the experience blows basic real estate websites out of the water.

Epicurious (Free): Epicurious is the recipe app for the iPad. Browse or search through over 30,000 recipies, save them to your favorites and email their ingredient lists to yourself so you can go to the store confident you won’t forget anything. Once you have all your ingredients, turn on the cooking-friendly view within the app so you can follow along as you make your meal. A new feature allows you to share your favorite recipes over Facebook and Twitter so your friends can eat well, too.

GQ (Free): A man needs his style guide and GQ has always been the male magazine not featuring nudie pics. The GQ app brings each monthly issue to your iPad for either $1.99 a month or $19.99 a year, so you can catch up on the latest fashion tips and interviews with your favorite celebrities. Current print subscribers get their digital issues for free.

How To Videos from (Free): Face it – at some point in your life, you’ll be called to clean the garbage disposal, or patch a hole in the wall or perform some other home improvement task you’re not quite sure how to do. That’s where the app comes to the rescue. Watch from thousands of videos broken up into steps to show you everything from how to make a soufflé to how to change your a flat tire. Videos are also accompanied by text for better clarification on what’s displayed within the tutorials.

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