Infinity Blade ($5.99): Built by ChAIR Entertainment upon the Unreal Engine, Infinity Blade is a beautifully rendered hack-and-slash action RPG on rails. The player takes the role of a warrior whose father was killed 20 years earlier by the immortal God King. Each time the player dies, he is sent to the beginning of the game as the son of the deceased, carrying his father’s armor and weapons. The enemies get more difficult with each subsequent “refresh”, but the player never loses the skills or upgrades gained throughout, making it a very replayable and rewarding experience with graphics that rival those of most console games.

Angry Birds HD ($1.99): It’s the same addicting game about birds in slingshots that you’ll find on iPhones and Android phones – just bigger. And the addition of Angry Birds Seasons HD and Angry Birds Rio HD, you won’t be running out of pigs to obliterate any time soon.


UNO ($4.99): Ah, those days of summer camp gone by, late nights in the bunk slamming cards down on the old wooden floor and you cursing at the guy next to you because he made you draw four new cards. Yes, UNO is on the iPad just as you remember it. Play with everyone on one iPad, or with up to three other players on their own devices. You can also play via WiFi with people from all over the world. New styles are available, like “UNO 7-0” and “UNO Challenge”.

Scrabble ($4.99): You better brush up on your vocabulary (and remember those nifty two-letter words), because you’ll need them. Scrabble for iPad allows you to play the most popular word game on Earth with up to four players at a time over a WiFi/3G network or a local network. And the new Party Play mode lets each player download a free Scrabble Tile Rack app to their iPhones so they can flick letters to the board on the iPad. Welcome to the world’s most expensive Scrabble game ever.

Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery ($4.99): To call Sword & Sworcery “different” would be an understatement. This game is one-of-a-kind and reminds players of a simpler time, a time when there were only 8 bits. S&S is an “exploratory touch” game that focuses on slow-paced gameplay, fighting and puzzle solving. There’s also some amazing music throughout. You’d be crazy not to spend a latte’s worth on this and lose an entire weekend to the hypnotic sights and sounds of Sword & Sworcery.

Army of Darkness Defense HD ($2.99): Grab your boomstick and ready your soldiers for the battle of a lifetime. Army of Darkness Defense HD is a unique tower defense game – unique because instead of stationary towers firing little pellets at waves of enemies, you’re in charge of Ash and his medieval army of hacking-and-slashing soldiers against the
incoming deadite scourge. Built as a side-scroller, you control Ash, leveling him up with each passing stage and eventually getting him his signature chainsaw. Groovy.

Super Stickman Golf ($5.99): Super Stickman Golf eschews the traditional “camera-behind-the-player” concept employed by so many other golf games and instead utilizes a wide-angle side view of the course. SSG is a physics-based golf game that relies less on real world accuracy and more on making some crazy difficult shots using out-of-this-world golfballs. Use the ice ball to turn water sections solid, use the sticky ball to adhere to any surface and use the various other golfballs you collect throughout the game to get you through some pretty tricky shots. Trust us, you can’t play just one round.

Plants vs. Zombies HD ($9.99): The definitive iPad tower defense game pits your houseplants against an onslaught of vicious zombies hell-bent on getting into your home. Plant your shrubs, level them up and take out those brain-eating bastards one-by-one. PvZ also features HD graphics, multitouch gameplay and a variety of minigames.

Cut the Rope HD ($1.99): Angry Birds isn’t the only adorable puzzle game on the app store. The point of Cut the Rope HD is to feed Om Nom, the cute little green monster in the box. He wants the candy attached to the rope(s), so you need to cut the right ones in order for the little peppermint to drop right into his mouth. However, make the wrong cut and his candy goes bye-bye (and after awhile, so does your patience). Featuring innovative physics and gameplay, Cut the Rope HD is possibly even more addictive than those flying fowls everyone is talking about.

Real Racing 2 HD ($9.99): When you think about stunning iPad games, Real Racing 2 should be near the top of your list. This brilliant racing game features gorgeous 3D HD graphics, 30 licensed cars from real world manufacturers, WiFi and online multiplayer support, Game Center integration and the ability to record and upload your gameplay videos to YouTube – you know, to rub it in the other guys’ faces when you take first place.

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