If God had a favorite food it’d probably be bacon. After all, what other food is so perfect that it can literally turn grown men into drooling babies? We here at inStash are not immune to the charms of this pork belly treat. That’s why we were so happy to learn that one company has finally brought us what we’ve wanted the most for a long time: a toaster for bacon that will make your meal just that much better.

At $40, the Bacon Express is really only capable of one task in the kitchen: cooking bacon. That might sound like it’s expensive. After all, why pay $40 for a gadget that can’t do anything except grill bacon? Well, while you can live without ice cream, waffles, and popcorn, it’s hard to imagine a life without bacon. Seriously, try to imagine never eating bacon again. We’re sure you’ll realize that life without the salty treat would be a nightmare.

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Toast Your Bacon To Perfection With The Bacon Express Toaster
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