The Tipoon is a compact camper trailer with expandable functionalities so you can easily tow it behind your car for a weekend getaway. The expandable function lets you transform it into a shelter once you arrive at your destination.

The Tipoon Camper Trailer is built with a living area that can be expanded 3x its original size. When not in use, this camper trailer measures 5.5 feet (height) x 5.5 feet (width) x 13.5 feet (length). Hence, it’s small enough to park inside any home garage. No special renovations or accommodations are needed.

This compact camper trailer also has a remote control that lets you control its size with 2 expansion options – completely open or half-open. At its half-open expansion option, the trailer expands with a height of up to 8.2 feet in order to conveniently and easily raise the room. It also has side panels for you to create a hall inside where your friends and family can walk in. The half-open expansion option is ideal when you make pit stops where you can access the Tipoon’s interior without completely opening it.

On the other hand, the Tipoon Camper Trailer rises up to 8.2 feet with a maximum width of 10.5 feet when completely opened. There’s no need to add expansion support since the camper trailer will stabilize on its own. This compact camper trailer has basic layouts such as a 2-person bed, bathroom with a shower, dining area, and a kitchen with countertop and sink.

The Tipoon Camper Trailer runs on a rechargeable battery that’s compatible with solar panels. It also includes LED lighting, 50-liter fridge, toilet, and other essential materials or parts.

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