Health nuts – and really, don’t we all need to be? – should take note of this nifty little gadget for the iPhone (or other iOS device). It’s called “Tinké,” and it uses optical technology to gather specific cardio-respiratory info from your body and shows the results right on your device’s screen.

Tinké, by Zensorium, is a compact, no-batteries-required device that snaps into iOS devices (iPhone, iTouch, etc.) and displays real-time cardio-respiratory information right on the screen. This includes the “Vita Index”—or as Zensorium describes it, “your personalized cardio-respiratory score (a.k.a., ‘wellness score’)…that pieces together data collected from your heart rate, blood-oxygen level and respiratory rate”—that’s output onto a comprehensible, yet easy-to-comprehend pie chart on your iOS device. Likewise, Tinké also tracks the user’s “Zen Index”, which is a heart rate-based calculation that determines your stress level, and outputs it accordingly. Hell, you can even share the results to myriad social networks, if, you know, sharing your health information among the general public is cool and all…

Just one caveat: If you have an iPhone 5, you’ll need to get Apple’s ‘Lightning-to-30’ pin adapter, a 30-pin connector adapter.

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