Get ready to discover a vehicle that’s unlike any other. While you might be familiar with ATVs, the Tinger Track ATV is able to go places that even other ATVs can’t get to. Thanks to a waterproof HDPE body and track-based propulsion system, this vehicle can tackle mud, snow, and other difficult terrain like if you were driving over pavement. A lot of that is also due to the roughly 20-inch wide tracks and low ground pressure.


The aforementioned waterproof body also lets the driver of the Tinger Track ATV cross small streams and other shallow bodies of water. Now do you understand what makes this ATV so unique? We thought so.

Tinger Track ATV is available in your choice of either a 57 or 68 horsepower engine. In either case, you’ll be able to pull over 1,700 pounds with you, whever you decide to go. More below.

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Tinger Track ATV Is World's First To Cross Over Streams & Shallow Ponds
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