If all you are doing is buying a Mac or PC from a big box retailer, then you’re missing the boat. With a little creativity and application, you can build your own, and Falcon Northwest has a great place to start with this Tiki PC configuration. Using an Intel third generation Core i7 on Intel Z77 chipsets and NVIDIA GeForce 600 Series graphics, you’ve got the beginnings of a true power machine.

Add in up to 16GB 1866 MHz DDR 3 memory and a slot-loading DVD/RW or Blu-ray reader, and you’re almost there. Tiki also allows you to build your own computer with two solid state hard drives and one standard (up to 4TB of storage altogether). This all comes packaged in a gorgeous steel and aluminum housing. We could go on about more features, but we’re pretty sure our inner tech geek has already outstayed his welcome.

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Tiki PC From Falcon Northwest
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