Step up your Gran Turismo gaming experience with the new T-GT racing wheel from Thrustmaster.

The successor of T500RS is finally in as Thrustmaster released its Gran Turismo Sport tie-in T-GT racing wheel alongside GT Sport.

The newest addition to the GT products has improved force feedback simulation because it includes a new motor design and a wheel linearity system, which promotes an improved driving feel.

The T-GT also has a new T-40Ve motor, which uses a cooling system within the motor itself, allowing for a better heat transfer compared to the previous GT wheel models.


Additionally, it has an oriented control system that uses Hall effect sensors that can accurately detect the wheel’s position.

It also has depth feedback (aka T-DFB) which enables clear feedback through the steering wheel rim. It allows the drivers to identify the movement of the tires and surface conditions better.

Added features include four rotary knobs and two mini-sticks. The former may be used to adjust the game’s assists even while playing; the latter allows easy navigation through menus and modifying viewpoint positioning and perspective.

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Thrustmaster’s New Racing Wheel to Set Gaming’s Driving Feel to a Whole New Level
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