Brian Conti is one of our favs from the Kickstarter community. His Strong Like Bull brand has resulted in two previous successes — SLB Magnets, SLB Bottle Opener — and now he’s back with a colorful and fun addition to his brand’s category. Introducing Throw Magnets — custom designed, silicone, rubber-coated strong magnets that can be thrown to “stick” to ferrous metal surfaces.

Not only are they cool-looking and practical, but you can also get Strong Like Bull Throw Magnets with a metal game board option for hours of party fun. Just do an underhand toss at the game board from a distance of seven feet. If you land on the 1, 3, or 5, you’ll be awarded that number of points. The first player to 21 is the winner. If you go over 21, your score is reset to 11, and you keep going until there’s a winner. Pretty nifty, huh? Prices are $22 for the magnets only; $25 for the magnets and target stickers; and $65 for the game set (six magnets, the stickers, and the steel game board).

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Throw Magnets: Fun And Function From Strong Like Bull
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