The office is ever-changing. Fewer hours, slashed benefits, and constant uncertainty has led many of us to strike out on our own as freelancers or business owners. As a result, we’ve really started to redefine what the “workplace” actually is, and for some of us, that’s a great thing because we get to create the environments that we’ve always wanted to work in rather than the ones determined for us. In that spirit, we now take a look at our three favorite workplaces of 2013.


3. OfficePOD

Earlier in the year, we covered the OfficePOD, a 2.1m x 2.1m work and storage space with easy blend architecture. The OfficePOD  is as efficient itself as it allows you to be. You can install it in your home or garden, and watch your productivity ratings and earnings reach new heights!

Cost: $22,000


2. Kinetic Desk

Some might not consider the Kinetic Desk a “workplace” per se, but they would be wrong. No matter what environment you stick it in, the Kinetic will alter the common realities of the office environment to a more dynamic and productive norm. The desk learns your patterns and allows you to set your standing goals. If you’re sitting too much, it can nudge you towards a healthier position. If you feel like you could use an adjustment, you can always just double-tap the touchscreen on the corner, and the desk will alter to a new position.

Stir Works has equipped the desk with a combination of AC and USB power via discretely hidden ports within the desk itself. It also comes with on board hardware for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. This would easily be our top pick if not for:

Cost: $4,000

ipad air

1. The iPad Air

People close to me are getting sick and tired of my lunatic raves telling them what a godsend this device is, but what can I say? It’s the best thing that’s happened for my productivity in quite some time, and once you delve in to the apps, you’ll see what I mean by it being a true “workspace.” Where you once would have kept a filing cabinet filled with receipts and invoice copies and financial worksheets, you can now carry those things with you in the cloud, access them any time, and edit till your heart is content. Free apps like Wunderlist ensure that no to-do list, client, or work project goes unnoticed. The printer and its costly cartridges/ribbons can go in the trash immediately, since you can scan, sign, and send documents all from the comfort of your device. With the iPad Air, the living room can be your office. Just keep the TV volume down.

Cost: $499

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Three Favorite Workplaces Of 2013
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