A good flashlight can mean the difference between a good time and a night straight out of hell. Whether it’s a survival situation or just something which you’ve misplaced, a flashlight could very well improve your chances of a positive outcome. Now, you might be thinking that all flashlights are the same, but you’d be wrong. You see, a whole new generation of flashlights exemplified by the Tactical Flashlight, take the humble flashlight to a whole new level thanks to high-powered LED lightmodes (including low, middle, high, strobe, & SOS modes), a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, water resistance, and a brightness of up to 2000 lumens. To put that in perspective, 2000 lumens can easily be seen from up to 300 meters!


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This Tactical Flashlight Promises 5 Different Lighting Modes, Brightness Up To 2000 Lumens
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