While smartphones have undoubtedly increased our productivity, there’s just something they can’t do very well: make phone calls. The ultimate irony is that the smartphone is just not a better phone. There are myriad reasons for why that is, including just how many radios are inside your device as well as the fact that your apps can actually be interfering with your cellphone’s reception.


Thankfully for you, there’s Linkbook Pro. As a smartphone case which actually boosts your cellphone’s reception due to the conductive materials which interact with your phone’s antenna. Also helping this is the built-in EMW 4G Antens Boosting. As an unintended but nonetheless welcome consequence of using the Linkbook Pro is that your phone will generate much less heat during use as it won’t have to search so hard for available signals. This also means that your phone will have about 2 hours more battery life on average without ever needing a clunky battery pack.

If you want to get your own Linkbook Pro, then make sure you pre-order via the link below.

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This Smartphone Case Actually Boosts Your Cellphone Signal
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